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About Us

We are a Confessional Church Body. This means we believe, teach, and confess only in doctrine that has been taken from the prophetic and apostolic Scriptures and is contained (a) in the three ancient Creeds; (b) in the Augsburg Confession, presented in the year 1530; (c) in the Apology, which was added to this; (d) in the Smalcald Articles; and lastly (e) in both the Catechisms of Dr. Luther.

Therefore we are also determined not to depart even a finger's breadth either from the subjects themselves, or from the phrases that are found in them. But, the Spirit of the Lord aiding us, we intend to persevere constantly, with the greatest harmony, in this godly agreement.

We intend to examine all controversies according to this true norm and declaration of the pure doctrine.

These chief articles of the Holy Scriptures are compiled in Concordia, the Lutheran Confessions in the Book of Concord in so far as they are symbols of the faith, under and subordinate to Scripture alone, for which they most excellently teach, interpret, and discern as the most orthodox faith on earth.

We are a Liturgical Church, meaning that we follow an Order of Service that is traditional and has been handed done from the Church Fathers ever since the 1st Century. We aim not to put our own style or feelings into our true worship but only to receive God's work given to us in His Divine Service where He is fully and truly present in His holy body and blood given for us for the remission of sins. In this way, we are catholic [little c] which means of oneness and unity.



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